Affirmations 7 – How long, and how come?

Published: 13th November 2006
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In our previous article I outline how to use affirmations with "Money to Be Made Online". Today I'm going to go over some specific time limitations, and how the brain absorbs information. I hope you're as excited as I am, because giving back to those who want to become successful is one of the most enlightening experiences. When you're successful you understand why people like to spread the wealth. Mostly because of our recent advantages in psychology have so many people become successful.

When it comes to learning, our mind learns the best, the fastest, when it's confused or "over loaded". Psychologists often use the phrase "massed practice". Consistently doing the same actions repeatedly will result in muscle memory, if you happen to be doing a physical task. That's why people say you can never forget how to ride a bike once you learn. The actions and balance required are stored in your muscle memory. The same applies to dancing. Dancers memorize a long sequence of moves, but are used to the choreographed movement sequences, and thus, learn incredibly long strings of actions quickly and with ease.

The same concept rings true with affirmations. An affirmation repeated five times in a row is an overload the your brain, so your sub-conscious takes notice. This is defined in psychology as a "massed practice" experience. The drawback, or rather natural habit, is that we quickly forget things if they're not stored in our long term memory. When you repeat affirmations two or three times daily, the process becomes a habit, and is stored in your long term memory. Combining an overload with a spaced interval of repition, we can maximize the efficiency of our affirmations.

Repeating affirmations of our desired states with feeling is also a key component. The brain has trouble differing between reality and an imagined scene. It's in fact believed that we CAN'T sub-consciously differentiate between imagination and reality. This is a double aged sword, because if we imagine and thus believe negative things about ourselves, it directly affects our life. If we instead determine and strive to overcome this disability, and create positive affirmations, our sub-consciously create self-image will be transformed, and positive changes will occur. When adding real emotion to our affirmations, our sub-conscious more readily accepts our new founded beliefs and begins the process of creating your desired states! Can you feel the electricity!? Imagine the powers of "Money to Be Made Online" combines with affirmations!

Now that we know a little bit more about how our brain processes information, think about how you can make your affirmations more powerful? By utilizing visualizations you can strengthen the effect of your positively charged affirmations tenfold! Remember how we discussed that the brain does not have the ability to differ between reality and imagined experience? Well by visualizing your desired state of mental health accomplished, or your desired goal accomplished, your affirmations will be taken to a while new level. It is not a myth that dreams create reality. It is one of my beliefs that the gift of dreaming, day dreams, and our imagination, can be used to create a rich a d rewarding life.

The most effective technique to establish a day dream or visualization as reality is to take one of your affirmation sessions and instead of just saying them, imagine them. For example, don't so your affirmations in a place where you may potentially be disturbed. Find a quite and peaceful place, and then close your eyes. Visualize yourself doing or being as the affirmation says. This will boost the level of influence you have over your sub-conscious, and make it easier to overcome bad habits, and create a level of wealth, happiness, and success that you desire.

The last and final issue I'd like to discuss is impatience. Many people complain that it takes too long or doesn't work quickly. In all honesty, this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a life changing technique, and negative traits that have been in a virtual "holding pattern" in your life are not going to be overcome be repeating a few sentences for a week. Don't use affirmations on and off for a week or two and expect phenomenal changes. Do them with a determined mind set, with faith, and I guarantee your success. If it took you twenty years to get in a disheveled and depressed state, is it realistic to get out of that state in one measly week? No!

After a week or two you should notice SMALL changes, and keep it up. You should be more and more excited! One you get some momentum, it carries on and you'll be overcoming all your negative habits with ease. You can even add one or two affirmations that help you use affirmations. For example "I enjoy using affirmations, Affirmations motivate me everyday, I feel the power of affirmations." Give these techniques at least a month, and you won't be disappointed!

I hope you enjoy! Until next time, bye!

Keith Londrie II is a successful Webmaster and the owner and publisher of A website that specializes in providing tips on how to REALLY make money online that you can research on the internet in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home. Visit today!

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